CRD Corp. specializes in computer raised floors. With any large computer system you have power cables, communication cables, water detection cables, etc. that must placed under an access floor.

New and Used raised access floors

Over the last 50 years there have been hundreds of floor systems with very few being interchangeable; CRD Corp. is the industry leader in replacement flooring. We carry in-stock old, rare and original panels that match exactly what you need for your raised computer access floor.

When experience counts

Since 1984 CRD Corp. has established a reputation as the best stock, highest quality new and used raised access floor retailer in America.  We have I have the old literature and samples from panels going back to the ’50’s. That’s our strength. No-one can match CRD Corp. for access floor knowledge and inventory.

The CRD Corp. Advantage

If you need replacement access floor panels most companies will tell you that your system is obsolete and charge huge money to rip out the old system and install new. CRD Corp. can save you thousands by just replacing what is needed instead of buying new. We have over 100,000 new and used raised flooring inventory to help you in just replacing what you need for your new and used raised access floor.

Huge in-stock Inventory of raised floor materials

We have 25,000 sq. ft. of warehouse stocking old panels and pedestals. CRD Corp. is unmatched when it comes to our inventory, knowledge and desire to get the right parts for your raised access floors.

Raised flooring questionnaire:

We have over 100K’ of new and used flooring in stock at all times in Cleveland, Ohio. Same day shipping. Fill out the questionnaire so we know what you need and we’ll send you a quote usually within the hour.

Raised Floor Questionnaire

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    Raised Flooring Experts in New and Used Computer Access Flooring installation and replacement.